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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Interview with Jonathon from the Magic Spanking Factory

Jonathon – Interview

As promised handsome Jonathon sat down on his well spanked bottom to give an interview to Just Magic answering questions from JockSpank visitors about his spanking videos.


  1. What a charming interview; Jonathon you come across so well and it's a pleasure to hear your views, thoughts and experiences. You remain a fan favourite I'm sure for many. Vielen Dank

  2. I'm so glad the two of them were able to sit down and do this interview. Thank you both for doing this!

  3. Thank you very much. It was fun doing it.

  4. Thanks for this love interviews with spanking studios/models

  5. I know that I'm late watching the interview, but I wanted to share my thoughts about Magic Spanking Factory. This is my first time commenting on any video!
    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions and letting us into your lives. I hope that there will be another Q&A in the future. Jonathon seems genuinely kind and humble. As soon as Anonymous shows his friend (the girl that would be "perfect for him") this video, she will fall in love with his charm. Stephen puts so much effort into making videos, and I admire his work. He seems incredibly smart, personable, and I adore his sense of humor. I like that there are some scripted scenarios, but its not overacted. Stephen and Jonathon seem very "real" in each video. I appreciate both of you.
    Also, the dog in the video is beautiful! What's its name? It's a strange thing to notice, but I couldn't help but ask!

  6. I am incredibly smart and personable. And very modest too. :-)

    The dog's name is J.R. as in J.R. Ewing from Dallas. He was the first born in a litter of seven pups my dog Fiona had. I called him JR because he was the biggest pup and was a bit of bully. JR is indeed a beautiful dog and is now completely calm and charming. In "The Spanking Machine" he can be heard barking encouragement. He adores Jonathon by the way and trying to get him out of the room so we can film proves rather difficult.
    Thank you for commenting.