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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Bad-Lads in November

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  1. Nice to see some twinks with bubble butts for a change!

    1. Hmm, I don't know if I'd consider this model a "Twink" more a jock he has a great bottom but definitely not in the skinny twink territory.

  2. I'm not a big fan of these new clips there to oversexualised too camp and seemingly gay it kind of puts me off if there's any gay interaction because I don't view it the same also the guy with the tattoos looks and smiles at the camera taking away from the illusion of what's happening this was never the case before obviously the guy with tattoo's is gay and his extravagant enjoyment ponders my enjoyment. I hope Bad-Lads find a new spanker because the tattoo guy doesn't do it for most people I can assure you that however I do praise the fact the models always look great and have plump bottoms.

  3. I note my comment on the anti gay comment above was not published.

    1. Hi, sorry your comment was not released, we try to avoid commenmts which can lead to conflict. I do understand why you might have had concerns about the previous comment. However, I think the previous commentator expressed himself badlly. I know who the commentator is, and he is gay himself. What I believe he was trying to say was that he does not enjoy spanking videos which are sexualised. I doubt he intended to appear homophobic.

    2. I definitely could've written that better. I will try to put it more clearly, so here goes, if you look at website's like "Straight Lads Spanked" or "Spanking Straight Boys" these websites focus specifically on straight guys, and their “straightness” being the main attraction, that is because some people find watching straight men getting spanked by another man more of a turn on than seeing a gay guy. For me although I do prefer guys to be straight, having a guy who is gay is okay, as long as he acts straight. For me personally it isn't so appealing if he is/acts "camp", this is why it is important for me if there are gay models that they don't come across as gay on screen. There is nothing wrong with being gay and to give you an example I believe one well known actor from one of the main Spanking studios is quite camp in real life, however he never seemed to come across or portray that on screen. That is why I really like some of his clips even though I knew he was gay in real life, however he never seemed to come across or portray that on screen whereas if that actor did come across as camp or seem to be enjoying what was happening then it would ruin my enjoyment completely.
      This leads me onto say that spanking is looked upon differently for everyone, some people like myself only like the discipline/punishment (serious side) of it, while others like it with sex (playful side) but any sense of it being enjoyable ruins my enjoyment. It's a personal thing.

      You must remember we're speaking about a sexual fetish and as deep as fetishism can go it's hard to completely explain ones triggers and desires, as each person is different. (this is similar to the “socks on/off “ debate, what works for one person ruins it for another) it really is a preference of a fetish and nothing more and definitely not me being homophobic. Things like this can get really silly because you could then go onto say that websites which promote the name "straight" or "gay" is offensive for using selective terms of sexuality don't read too deep into a lot of comments on a fetish website at the end of the day It's just a sexual fetish and it isn't the reality of who a person is and what they may represent. I'm gay myself so I'm not homophobic in any way.

      Let's just say that everybody has their own preferences across a vast amount of things in life and spanking videos are no different.