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Friday, 29 March 2019

Paddling The Pool Boy - Art by Franco

The Pool Boy gets what he deserves – and his Boss seems to be enjoying giving it to him, - Spanking Art by FRANCO


  1. 03 30 2019 1 53a Jock Spank Pool Boy Franco
    The Naked Man Has an Incredible Body and a Great
    Muscled Butt!
    I Like Seeing the Spanked Man Standing but
    I Prefer to See Him OTK and With
    a Full View of His Body!
    With More Importantly, a Bare Assed
    OTK Hand Spanking with Briefs/Swim Suit
    at His Knees!
    The Spanker Has the Intense
    Wide Eyed Stare & Glare You'd Expect
    from the Spanker!
    He's Very Handsome, Dark Man he would
    be Next Up on My List for a Spanking!

    Corriea Mattina


  2. He's a dad who comes home from work, furious and gives him a lesson because he caught Luis playing with his ass, with his fingers full of saliva. Dad had warned the youth that he would whip him if he caught him again infraganti, in addition to telling his girlfriend Ester his secret of having found him in that position with his penis about to explode. Luis seems to have forgotten that warning. Dad again caught him in such a vulnerable position exposing his pink hairless button. So he thought that some good spanking will teach Luis that he should not touch himself in the living room. Daddy hits some good spanking, the erection and the constant drooling of the penis with every whip he gets makes Daddy shine his eyes, no matter how much weight Lift up in the gym dad will leave your butt as red as a tomato, holy heaven I think it's a Bad time for a beating right when his girlfriend is about to enter the house and the room. Ester is a very strict girl in everything, she will surely finish the job that Luis's father started, Ester will surely make him mush the balls of the muscular Luis clings very strong to his most noble part so that he can not escape the spankings;) jc .