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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

This Blog

It is an unfortunate fact that our society appears to be entering an age where, despite the popular narrative, calls for censorship are again in the rise. In such an environment, sites like this, which cater to tastes which a lot of people might find offensive are increasingly at risk. It is beginning to appear that the most imminent threat is fading, however, realistically, the threat will never go away.

Therefore, in case the worst does come to pass, would readers please bookmark the address of the new JockSpank site at where you can find us should this blog suddenly disappear.

Thank you
Ward and Bruce

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for navigating this craziness and not just giving up on the blog, which is obviously what this person wants. Jockspank is an essential part of the online m/m spanking world and I can't imagine not being able to check it every day. That would be a huge loss. Thanks for doing everything you can to not let crazy win. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.