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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Information Requests

I have a number of information requests this weekend, and hope that some readers will be able to assist.

Spankable Butts

Firstly regarding the Spankables, as the Internet seems to be entering a new Puritan age, the number of blogs and free sites featuring naked make bottoms seems to have reduced dramatically. A large number of blogs seem to have closed down in the last year, and since Tumblr caved to the moral minority and donned the veil, it has become harder to find suitable male nudity.

Can any recommend an alternative to Tumblr which still upholds uncensored liberal values.

Control T

Since the HotBottoms site closed down, it has become very difficult to find Suppliers of Control T Videos. There are a few very poor quality copies on Pirate sites (which I disapprove of, as they are HUGELY damaging to the legitimate studios still making male spanking videos) or those rip-off pay per minute streaming sites. Does anyone know if there is a source where one can still buy or download Control T videos?

Control T Fem Dom

We have recently been informed that Control T made a small number of F/M videos, I was not previously aware of this. Does anyone know anything about Control T Videos featuring women spanking men? And are these still available?

Last Months Information Request

We are still seeking information on CP Services London videos and and Daddy Howard videos featuring Oscar Mann, which were requested in the last Information Request.

If anyone can help with any of the above please reply in the comments section below

Thanks for your help


  1. is an excellent place to share spanking related images and videos - my blog there is
    Thanks for everything you post on JockSpank and for keeping going during difficult times!

  2. I have seen a Control T Studio clip featuring F/M it was on a tube site and I of t recall which one so your chances of finding it are one in a million.

  3. Here is one F/M clip from CTS.

  4. Si ayuda de algo yo tengo un blog donde subo mis montajes de spanking gay, historias, relatos y demás contenido sobre spanking gay. Aunque esta todo en español. “If something helps you, I have a blog where I upload my gay spanking montages, stories and other content about gay spanking. Although it is all in Spanish.”