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Monday, 22 July 2019

Fitness Instructor Taught a Hard Lesson at Bad-Lads (Part 1 of 2)

A big boy gets a spanking

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  1. 07 22 2019 2 23p Jock Spank Bad-Lads
    Muscled Fitness Instructor is
    Taught a Hard Lesson!
    Alex, a Very Mature Man Ape
    is Taken Over the Knee and
    Has His Bare Butt Walloped!

    1. Could you please remove this comment I believe the use of the word ape is being used in a racist way.

    2. Hi "Anonymous" Thank you for your concern, however, as the actor being referenced by this comment is clearly of Caucasian heritage, I do not consider there are any racial connotations to the comment. The word you mention relates to his stature and is used innocently. I have, therefore, decided not to remove the comment.

    3. 07 22 2019 6 16p Jock Spank
      Ward: My Comment Reflects My
      Long Held View of Describing
      Very Attractive Men as Apes!
      Poster, Anonymous, is Way
      Off Base in His Description!
      Yet, He is Unable to ID Himself
      With a Name!
      Ward, I Did Not Use the Word
      ''Ape'' Innocently!
      I Used it Very Correctly
      to Describe the Man!
      It is Very Rare, Indeed,
      to See a Man Like Him
      Receiving a Spanking!

    4. Hi Corriea

      Thanks for responding. I am very comfortable with your choice of words, and feel the anonymous commentator was incorrect in assuming you had malicious motives. I considered rejecting his comment, but in the current environment I have to address such complaints.

      When I said you used the words "Man Ape" innocently, I meant you had no malicious intent.

  2. This is a very hot video! Love to see a big masculine guy get it! Very nice red butt!

    Anonymous: I Hardly Ever See
    a Furry Muscled Man Like
    This Guy, Receiving an OTK Bare
    Assed Spanking!
    I've Only Seen the Video Trailer,
    Not the Whole Vid.
    I've Seen Some Pics!
    More Video's Like This One!

    1. 08 01 2019 2 20p Jock Spank
      Ward: Why Was My Post, Above,
      Edited the Way it Was?
      My Date/Time & Title Jock Spank/Bad-Lads
      Was Deleted!
      Also I Used the Term
      or Word ''Ape'' After Muscled Man.
      It Was Deleted Also!
      Corriea Mattina

    2. Hi Corriea, I apologise I did edit out the words "Ape" from your comment, as I didn't want the conflict to continue, as I suspected it would have done. No offence was intended to you, as you know, I defended your original comment, and am on your side in this issue, However, we live in an age where people take offence very easily. And the repeated use of that world would have resulted in antagonism.

      You have to understand that these blogs and the owners are subjected to repeated and often very malicious attacks, and we seek where possible to avoid provoking them.